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End of Year Giving

As I sit down to write this letter, I am so grateful for all of you. As Director of Development, I speak for the Board of Directors, 40 intern and trainee therapists, hundreds of clients and the Executive Director of the Living Success Center when I extend the deepest thanks to you for helping us help our own.

There is a sad truth that often goes unnoticed, hidden in the shadows. Many people are completely alone, with no family or resources with which to get mental and emotional help they desperately need. Can you imagine being ALL alone with no assistance? No hope? These are the people we help. These are the people YOU help.

Since 2016, your generous donations have empowered us to provide treatment programs for those in need throughout Orange County.

  • We provide therapy for Children and adolescents with behavior and emotional problems.
  • We are also skilled to help those clients with mood disorders, depression and anxiety.
  • We offer problem solving skills for marital and relationship problems, spousal, elder and child abuse assistance.
  • We also offer education at our center for caretakers and friends of family members of clients with emotional or mental disorders including Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.
  • We care for suicidal clients.
  • We help keep people off the streets. 35,000 people in Orange County are homeless and 10,000 of them are children.

It is important for you to know, as a donor, how you specifically make a difference. For example, $348.00 will allow 3 couples in crisis to participate in our highly acclaimed 9-week Couples Workshop, complete with workbooks and other needed materials. you can see more examples of how you can help at the end of this letter.*

A significant and essential part of the we, is you. Without your generous donations, we could not make any of this happen.

LSC is the only organization of its type in that it offers no cost or low cost counseling therapy to the under-served in Orange County regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, religion, or problem.

The Living Success Center did not have a gala in 2017. We need your help now. At this season of giving, and as we think back over the year, please give to the Living Success Center. Your community and the center needs your support to keep our doors open and continue to provide a pathway to mental health and wellness for those that would otherwise go without.


Some monetary necessities showing how your dollars directly help Living Success Center:

$2500 pays our rent for 1 month at the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach main office.

$1,000 allows 8 young parents to partake in our highly acclaimed Parenting Skills or Couples Workshop AND covers the Supervision needed for the therapists donating their time to run the workshop.

In order to provide top-level professional supervision to our Intern counselors, a state licensed and certified Supervisor must oversee the work done at the center. Supervision costs approximately $75.00 per hour.

It costs $750.00 to cover 10 hours of Supervision.

$500.00 will help touch up the murals in our kids room and stock up on new toys and games.

$200.00 helps supply water to our center for both therapists and clients for approximately 3 months.

$100 pays for bi-monthly housekeeping for our center.

You may also donate any amount towards area needed most as determined by Board of Directors and Executive Director.

There will be a chance to donate monthly, which gives the center a nice safety net.


Lynn Redles Goldberg
Director of Development
Living Success Center
Posted November 24th, 2017 | News