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Greetings All,

Best Wishes to you for a good New Year! 2018 gives us a new opportunity for growth, hope, and expressing feelings of gratitude.

Right now I am especially grateful for all the gifts we have received. This December we became the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Shady Canyon Golf Club and Charitable Foundation! It is such an honor to be chosen. We were one of six non-profit agencies who were awarded checks at a lovely ceremony at the Club. The Living Success Center also received a grant of $1,000. from the Union Bank of California. Many individuals have made charitable donations to our center as well. One gift that touched me so very much was from a former client. He handed me an envelope “in honor of his therapist who saved his life”. When I opened it, I saw he had given us four hundred dollar bills. It was a most moving experience for me.

For all the kind and generous gifts we have received, I thank you. response to our end-of-the year requests are still coming in. Each day the mailman brings us another gift! Thank you all for thinking of Living Success Center to help us make sure we will have a successful New Year!

Gratefully yours,

Marianna Thomas, LMFT
Executive Director
445 East 17th Street #E
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Posted January 26th, 2018 | News