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Intern/Trainee Info

Living Success Center’s Counseling Staff:

People often ask how are we able to provide our services for such low fees. One of the ways that makes this possible is our Volunteer staff. All of the counselors are providing therapy in order to receive credit towards graduation or toward their license. They don’t receive money but they get many hours of experience. They begin here as graduate students in a Masters Program. At the present time they are attending Alliant International University, Pepperdine University, California State University at Fullerton, National University, Chapman University, Vanguard University, Webster University, and Southern California University.

After they graduate from their Masters Programs they register with the State of California as Interns. They now have to accumulate 3,000 hours of experience in order to sit for the licensing exams. When they pass the exams, they are licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and are able to set up their own private practice and receive payment for their services from their clients. It can take from 2-6 years to get to this place. By the time they get licensed they are well trained therapists.

There are 12 students in training here now and 18 Interns. Everyone must be supervised each week. There are three Supervisors at the Living Success Center who meet individually and in group with the counseling staff. Our supervisors are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who have taken special training to be Approved by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Our present staff is a very culturally diverse group. Four are able to conduct therapy in Spanish, two in Arabic, two in Russian, one in Farsi, and one in Vietnamese. Eight are men. The ages of our staff run the entire spectrum of adult life.