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One In Four Americans Will Suffer From, or Is Now Suffering From Some Form of Depression.

According to a study done at the request of the World Health Organization, the most prevalent mental health problems (in order) were: phobias, depression, anxiety, mood disorders (including bipolar 1 and II) anger and impulse disorders and substance abuse. The most severe mental health problems (in order) were: mood disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, ADHD and phobias.

My hope, my dream and my wish, is to see mental health and behavioral health given the same attention, insurance coverage and care without stigma much like diabetes, heart and cardio vascular conditions (including stroke) and arthritis.

Even sleep disorders get more medical attention, insurance coverage and publicity than mental health!

One in four Americans will suffer from, or is now suffering from some form of depression.

The most talked about mental health issues are depression (including Post-Partum), PTSD, anxiety (test, performance, speaking…) and addiction.

If mental health and behavioral health receive even half as much positive clinical attention as the common conditions mentioned above, we could be successful in getting the funds and attention needed to treat those afflicted.

We all deserve to have a month named for mental health awareness so the many who struggle with the aforementioned disorders can be helped without embarrassment or fear of stigma.

Lynn Goldberg, LMFT
Director of Development
Living Success Center

Living Success Center provides mental health services within a low/no fee cost structure to enable under-served members of our community to obtain, without concern for cost, critically needed mental health care. Call (949) 645-4723 for more information or to make an appointment.


Posted August 7th, 2017 | News