The Center’s Beginning

In 1994, two therapists, Marianna Thomas, MFT and Cecile Dillon, PhD, met over coffee and discovered they shared a mutual goal-to create a counseling center for those who could not otherwise afford therapy. Though they each tried to see as many clients as they could on a pro bono basis in their own practices, there was a limit to how much they could do. , Marianna and Cecile , using the prior work of another therapist, took the name Living Success Counseling Center, obtained non-profit status from the IRS, and expanded its services, not only making Living Success Counseling Center a training site for graduate students but the leading affordable fee counseling center in Orange County. Since that time  Living Success Counseling Center has remained  a leader in providing fully supervised training for those seeking to obtain their required hours to secure their Marriage and Family Therapy License.

Dedicated to successful living, Living Success Counseling Center has grown to include a staff of over 25 associates and trainees who provide affordable therapy to hundreds each year.

 Our Philosophy

It is our belief that people have a natural desire to improve the quality of their lives. When they need assistance to deal with their concerns and aspirations, they should be able to receive it via support, education and psychological care without the sacrifice of dignity, privacy or financial well-being.


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