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What We Do

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The Living Success Center provides thousands of hours a year of low-fee therapy, to the underserved members of our community, regardless of their ability to pay. A broad spectrum of clients comes through our doors with a range of issues- from severe depression to anxiety, from relationship problems to loneliness. The only non-profit center of its kind in the county, we depend on the support of the community to keep our doors open. We are also a training facility affiliated with the local universities whose graduate students need to complete their supervised hours of training.

Values Statement

We believe that all members of our community are entitled to mental health care regardless of social or economic status. In that regard, Living Success Center is committed to the following values.

  • Each client will be cared for regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation or religion
  • Each client will be treated with respect and dignity, with compassion, empathy and acceptance of cultural and linguistic differences
  • Each client will be cared for regardless of their ability to pay
  • Each client will be assured privacy and confidentiality
  • Each client will be cared for by a qualified staff member under the supervision of a Licensed and Trained Supervisor.


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