Success Stories

What our clients have said about us…..

“Communication about our issues has become better. I feel like we understand each other.”

“I certainly think a lot more about things before I jump to conclusions. LSC has helped me see a broader picture and helped me to gain awareness of things that I may not have been considering before. I have gained empathy and really appreciate what you did for my family.”

“I am much calmer and happier.”

“I have many more tools for coping and enjoying life.”

“I’ve been heard.”

“I am very satisfied with the service I receive at the Living Success Center. It has helped me so much to live a better life and to be happy with myself in my own skin. Without the affordable services I would not be able to see a therapist.”

“The services provided for my nephews will help them to become well adjusted young men. The social skills they are learning now should help them avoid the dangers of gang involvement.”

“Thank God for your Center! I adore my therapist and I think your toy room is neat. I’m so pleased that your services are low-cost. Keep up the good work!”

“I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the existence of Living Success Center and what it has done for me. As an African American woman I am humbled by my awareness of the benefits I receive here—fully knowing this qualitative level of mental health care to be a major deficiency amongst people in my culture. From the day of my first visit, I immediately found it to be a “safe place” where I am able to be honest above all else and not have to “watch my back” for racial slights or intentional oversights. Although I am disabled and live on a fixed income, I have always received first-rate care.”


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