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People often ask how are we able to provide our services for such affordable fees. One of the ways that makes this possible is our staff of volunteer clinicians. All of the clinicians provide therapy in order to receive hours toward graduation or their state license. They don’t receive monetary compensation, they get many hours of diverse experience and specialized training. They often start with the Counseling Center as graduate students in a Masters Program at one of the many local universities like: Alliant International University, Pepperdine University, California State University at Fullerton, National University, Chapman University, Vanguard University, Webster University, or Southern California University.

Every clinician must be supervised weekly.  Supervisors at the Living Success Counseling Center meet individually and in group with every clinician.  The Counseling Center's supervisors are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who have taken special training to be Certified by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  This Certification takes 2 years to complete and shows the commitment the Center has to providing the highest level of supervision and training.

After they graduate from their Masters Program, they register with the State of California as Associates. They now will have to accumulate 3,000 hours of experience in order to take the state licensing exam. When they pass the exam, they are licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and are able to set up their own private practice and receive payment for their services.  This process can take 2-6 years and is difficult to manage.  By the time they get licensed, we have ensured that  they are well trained, ethical therapists.


Allison Beauchamp:


Hi!  My name is Allison Beauchamp and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and recent Pepperdine Graduate.  I provide clients with authentic and compassionate therapy and I aim to create a safe space to explore family and social relationships, past traumas, and ongoing sources of distress.  Fostering a strong therapeutic relationship is essential to healing and I make every effort to build that firm foundation with my clients.  Every person is unique in their values and personal experiences and I draw upon many different therapeutic approaches to individualize treatment.  These approaches often include CBT, ACT, family systems, and attachment-based techniques.  I strongly believe that as clients learn to recognize their inner strengths and resilience, they can regain control over their lives and open the door to new opportunities.  

Annga Rahadyan:


My name is Angga Rahadyan. I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #110429) as well as a doctoral candidate at Alliant International University. In my five years of experience, I have worked at a substance abuse residential treatment center, nonprofits, and a private practice. I primarily work with adults and couples. My clinical interests lie in internal parts work and existential issues. My other qualifications include doctoral level classes in cognitive behavioral therapy and narrative therapy. I am also actively involved in one-on-one consultations in internal family systems therapy.

Anya Teresse: 


This marks the second chapter of my professional journey, with prior involvement in the fashion and film industries. Hence, I consider myself fortunate to have discovered my true purpose. For me, becoming a therapist is not a job but a calling. With that in mind, I aspire to actively contribute to the LSC community where I continually evolve, offering support while enhancing my skill set. Drawing from my graduate studies in mental health and clinical counseling, my hope is to improve the quality of life and well-being of my clients. While my foundation lies in humanistic approaches, I integrate narrative, psychodynamic, somatic, and emotion-focused therapeutic techniques. With a collaborative person-centered framework, I work with clients to co-create a safe space that is tailored to an individual’s unique needs with the overarching goal of providing the opportunity to heal and thrive while advocating, empowering and instilling hope.

Candice Lin: 

Candice  Hi! My name is Candice and I am an attachment-based, relationally-focused, trauma-aware clinician. This means that my therapeutic approach is to help you understand how individual and relational struggles came to be by connecting past relationship experiences, cultural patterns, and primary injuries to those in the present. This is especially relevant in couples’ therapy through which I believe much soul-healing can occur. I also utilize somatic and grounding techniques to reconnect mind and body in order to help you self-regulate through difficult moments. My hope is that here at LSC, you will find a genuine and compassionate helper to strengthen your core self so that you can live the healthier, braver, and more authentic life you have been longing for. I look forward to speaking with you and getting to know you! Theoretical Frameworks: Psychodynamic, Attachment-Based, Somatic Experiencing, Imago Therapy, Gottman Therapy, and Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples and Individuals (EFT and EFIT) Areas of Interest: Couples (dating, pre-marital, and long-term), narcissistic abuse, complex PTSD, multi-generational and cultural trauma, life transitions, and spiritual issues.

Chris Lambert:


My name is Chris Lambert and I’m a marriage and family therapy trainee at the Living Success Center. I’m in my third year in Cal State Fullerton’s master’s in counseling program. I moved to Orange County three years ago after spending eight years working as a music psychotherapist in New York City with at-risk and incarcerated youth. I have a master’s degree in music therapy from NYU and practice throughout Orange County and through telehealth with clients in New York. My interests as a therapist include identity development, meaning-making, substance abuse and recovery, effective communication in relationships, and men’s issues. My approach to therapy is collaborative and I aim to work with the client to discover the optimal path to growth in their unique circumstance.

Christina Montana: 


Hi! My name is Christina Montana.  As a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee, I’m dedicated to fostering a compassionate therapeutic environment where clients can experience healing, growth, and transformation. Meeting clients where they are, I am committed to understanding each client's unique experience and how it has shaped them. I strive to create a safe space where clients can gain insight into the root causes of their current struggles, develop healthier ways of relating to themselves and others, and create meaningful shifts in their lives. My trauma-informed therapeutic approach is rooted in attachment theory and Gestalt therapy. I also draw from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, and parts work. My areas of specialty are complex trauma, relationship issues, grief, anxiety, depression, and addiction recovery. Thanks so much!       -Christina Montana

Hannah Topercz:


Hi! My name is Hannah, and I am a Professional Clinical Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee. I am committed to helping clients reach their goals, increase their self-awareness, and live authentically. Everyone has the ability to learn and grow, and I strive to create a safe and accepting space for my clients to do so. My main goal as your therapist is to provide compassionate support, help you manage life’s ups and downs, and empower you to live a full, meaningful life. My approach to therapy is unique to each individual and is rooted in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and somatic techniques. I specialize in working with people who have anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses and disabilities, are experiencing life transitions, and who are military affiliated. 

Katherine Baer:


Hi! I’m Katherine, a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee. I believe people can change and grow considerably when met with empathy, genuineness, and acceptance. I strive to ensure my clients feel safe, seen, heard, and understood. Developing rich and meaningful therapeutic relationships with clients is essential to my practice. My areas of clinical interest include (but are not limited to) trauma, anxiety/depression, eating disorders and body image concerns, ADHD, life transitions, relational struggles, identity development, and grief/loss. I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds. I am committed to practicing cultural humility and aim to create an affirming space for people of various identities, backgrounds, and cultures to learn, grow, and embrace their authentic selves. My approach to treatment is holistic, eclectic, evidence-based, and tailored to each client’s interests, strengths, culture, and personal goals. In addition to assisting clients in achieving their treatment-specific goals, I help them gain insight, develop coping skills, strengthen their interpersonal effectiveness, and build emotional resilience. I am deeply honored to accompany my clients on their unique healing journeys and am so grateful to do this work. 

Heather Orrantia:


I’m an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor who helps guide individuals, couples, and families on their journey toward emotional well-being and personal growth. With a compassionate and client-centered focus, I provide a safe and supportive space for my clients to explore and understand their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I tailor my approach to the unique needs of each client, leveraging techniques from various modalities, including Psychodynamic, CBT, Narrative, Somatic, and Family Systems. I have experience working with a wide range of challenges, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, personality disorders, and more. I believe in the power of collaboration and view therapy as a partnership between therapist and client. Together, we can work to identify strengths, explore underlying patterns, and develop personalized strategies to promote growth and resilience.


Kayla Zuckerman:


I’m a Professional Clinical Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee who meets clients with sensitivity, compassion, and a dash of humor. I collaborate with clients (and their physicians and/or healthcare team if indicated) to best support each of their goals. Through openness and curiosity, I foster a safe and accepting space for clients to feel secure in the therapeutic relationship and process. My approach to therapy is eclectic and tailored to each individual. I believe that because every person has unique experiences and identities, each person’s journey to healing and growth must also be unique. My integrative approach is rooted in therapeutic practices of CBT, DBT, ACT, and expressive arts work. 

Kurt Anderson: 


I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee in my final semester of the MFT Master of Arts program at the Chicago School.  My passion is studying how we interact with and are affected by the family system. We are all moving pieces within various systems, and we all feel the impact of our relationships within them.  Family systems aren’t only about the family we are born into; they can also be our chosen families, our friend groups, or our work environment.  Through this lens, I can work with you to increase your self-awareness and self-confidence and help you look at ways to improve those relationships.  If you’re currently in recovery, I am well-versed in AA culture and can help you through this change in life.  I love working with existential concerns such as questions of identity, grief, LGBT issues, trauma/acceptance, and relationship repair.  Above all, I value transparency and trust while building our relationship, and I will strive to create a comfortable and safe environment in which to do our work together.

Leila Alskaf:


Hi there! My name is Leila Alskaf, and I am a marriage and family therapy trainee at Living Success Center.   Outside of the therapeutic space I enjoy reading, writing, singing, songwriting, music, mindfulness-based exercise, and advocating for mental health awareness online and the destigmatization of mental health disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I consider myself an attachment-based, client-centered, psychodynamic leaning therapist whose goal is to help clients process their feelings and emotions in therapy by providing a safe, nurturing, and healing space in the therapy room. Therapy can be an intimidating process for clients, and I want to make sure that you feel heard, understood, and honored throughout this process. 

Michele Gillman: 


I work with individuals, couples, and families using a collaborative approach that creates a safe and accepting environment where clients feel seen, heard, and understood. I help clients gain a better understanding of themselves, how they relate to others, and explore the obstacles and barriers holding them back. My therapeutic approach supports clients in resolving their individual challenges, increasing personal awareness, and understanding how their past experiences relate to their current issues. With compassion and respect, I help clients create powerful changes in a way that honors their individual values, beliefs, and culture. My clinical work addresses a wide range of concerns including boundary and relationship issues, increasing self-worth and confidence, life transitions, anxiety, depression, sexual and gender identity concerns, substance abuse, grief, trauma, and family conflict.

Robert Rexroat:


 My name is Rob Rexroat and I started at Living Success Center in January 2024 as an MFT trainee. I grew up in the midwest, but went to college and graduate school in the southeast. I have lived in CA off and on since 2013. In addition to my interest in psychology, I enjoy traveling, reading, and studying history, philosophy, religion, culture, art, and music. If I'm not walking or hiking, you will typically find me reading or noodling around on my guitar, usually playing a Grateful Dead tune. “Let there be songs to fill the air.” 

Sara Chang:


My approach is strengths-based and humanistic. I introduce cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and somatic skills that you can put to use outside of our sessions. I also emphasize a holistic perspective that does not neglect systemic, cultural, environmental, and sociocultural factors that may be impacting the problem rather than blaming the individual.  Every session is trauma-informed and rooted in nonjudgmental curiosity and self-compassion. I work primarily with adults and adolescents experiencing anxiety, depression, difficult transition periods, relational issues, and body image concerns/eating disorders. 

Susan Dorswitt: 


As a therapist my hope is to bring in a sense of patience and softness to the therapy room. I take a compassionate approach to therapy and see the process as collaborative. I like to work WITH my clients in a way that is true to their needs and hopes for their life. I love to listen to your stories and uncover the ways in which there is strength and resilience. We can work together to figure out what is right for YOUR family and relationships. I typically use Narrative theory with a Feminist lens which supports a social justice lens.

I am currently working on a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, which means I am working towards required clinical hours for independent licensure. I also hold a Masters in Family Science and a Bachelors in Psychology. I have been working with families in a variety of settings for over 13 years.

My hope is to take an “affectionate notice of your world.” - (Dr. Sanni Paljakka)

Vikiea Mckamie:


Who am I? I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who works with individuals, couples, teens/children and athletes. What do I do? I partner with clients to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where it’s ok to lower your defenses. So many times in life, we’re on guard, and we stay on guard, completely lacking a place where we feel comfortable enough to let go and be open, raw, and vulnerable. My goal is to create that safe space and use it to work through issues and concerns. My approach: I use an integrative approach to create a unique treatment plan for each client. Using a combination of talk therapy, Brainspotting, Sand Tray and more, I supply clients with different ways of experiencing therapy that fit their unique needs.


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