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Thank you for considering joining the Living Success Center.  The Center has a long history of helping residents of California, in fact 2024 is our 30th anniversary!  We work with anyone desiring to improve their mental health, individuals, couples, families & children, and no one is ever turned away for financial reasons. Each client pays what they can afford to pay for as long as they want help. To ensure mental wellness, we partner with a psychiatry facility and a DBT center to assist with mood regulation.  Both of these partners provide their services affordably. If you join the Center, you will be working with other clinicians that believe everyone should enjoy mental wellness even if they don’t have large wallets.  

We ask that our clinicians see an average of 10 clients each week and attend both a triadic and group supervision every week that clients are seen.  We try to schedule the supervisions with different supervisors to ensure different points of view and a wider scope of learning. Each clinician will be required to comply with the BBS codes of conduct and complete weekly progress notes and treatment plans for each client.  Though our initial commitment is one year, we love it when our clinicians stay longer with us.  We do take insurance with our associate clinicians.  Please let us know if you’re interested in talking with us about our insurance program.  

Like our clinicians, each supervisor and management of the Center is bound by the BBS codes of conduct & report to the Board of the Living Success Center every other month.  We strive to offer a quarterly training and bi-annual reviews to our clinicians. Our goal is to ensure that our clinicians receive a rich, diverse and supportive experience to become the best clinician possible.  If you would like to apply to become a clinician at Living Success Center, please fill out an application form below. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ryan Watanabe at [email protected].


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