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Groups and classes are offered to help people learn more about themselves, develop relationships, and share their experiences with others. Pre-registration is required for classes and groups. Listed are some of the groups Living Success Counseling Center has offered in the past. The availability of a specific group or class will depend on the number of clients interested and the availability of qualified instructors.

Healthy Social Media Interaction
Explore together how to create a healthier relationship with ourselves, each other and social media

Trauma Yoga Series - 10 weeks
This 10 week series will use yoga movement to allow the release of trauma stored within the body.  

Parenting Skills Class
This 8-week program is designed to teach parenting skills using The Parent’s Handbook – Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) as a guide. This method encourages mutual respect between the parent and child and teaches children cooperation, responsibility and self-reliance.

Women’s Group
This is a small supportive group in which women can discuss a variety of subjects including interpersonal relations, self-esteem, asserting oneself, parenting, sexuality, women’s rights, and other issues.



Living Success Counseling Center is always looking to partner with community organizations to be able to carry our mission beyond our office. Our community programs include therapy at the Warwick Square Apartments for low income residents, therapy to the homeless through Friendship Shelter, group and individual therapy to adolescents at the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach, and counseling to young women seeking to turn their lives around in affiliation with Pathways to Independence.

To to ask about a specific group or to partner with us please call (949) 645-4723


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